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The Zombie & Unicorn edition of the Dirty Toilet Game is where 2-4 players collect 7 clean toilets and discard the poops.  Yet, watch out!

Your opponents will try to stop you with zombie toilets, so you will need some unicorn power.



In Poop City Labs, scientists worked to address the city's problems of backed up sewage that created a city of dirty toilets.  With the mayor's promise of a tax-free prize of $1 million, Dr. Unicorn, a lover of unicorns, sought to fix the problem; however, instead the problem worsened.  Dr. Unicorn accidentally added a secret zombie serum that created new problems for Poop City, furthering the plight of the residents.  With the scientist's love of unicorns, special toilets and new creatures were created to tackle the rising problems.

Help the residents of Poop City!

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Even as a graduate student at Columbia University, I always enjoyed games.  I would unwind with friends with a good game night.  I started working on the Dirty Toilet Game in 2017.  After hours teaching my high school students, I would craft cards and test play the game with some of my students, friends and family.  The idea came to me after feeling frustrated by the filth in some of the bathrooms in a school I taught.  In 2021, I was finally able to launch the game on Kickstarter, where it was successfully funded.  Now I have more games plan and hope to invite other game lovers to enjoy them.

Join the laughter!

- Lauri

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"I laughed my heart out. I love playing this game."

- Kiesha, New Yorker &

Avid Bike Rider

"It was great fun!  Me and my boys loved it!"

- Jon, Magic the Gathering Fan

"I think this will be a great game for our next game night."

- Pete, Gamer &

Settlers of Catan Fan


This game is for people who like to have fun.  Serious people are banned from playing this game.